Integrated Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) Policy


Kayed Badri Ship Spare Parts Trading LLC., (KB Ships LLC. ) is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) through robust working processes and workforce engagement.

KB Ships LLC. aspires to continually improve the HSEQ performance by ensuring that they are identifying, eliminating or mitigating hazards; providing a safe and healthy workplace for all personnel that has no negative impact on the environment and promoting a “right first time” culture.

Overall KB Ships LLC. will ensure that ;
 Processes and procedures in place that control HSEQ and business risks arising from their undertakings and work activities to prevent injury or ill health or negative impact on the environment.
 Regularly consult with employees on matters affecting their workplace performance.
 Provide and maintain safe work environment.
 Provide suitable and sufficient information, instruction & supervision for personnel to achive be competancy to fulfil their tasks.
 Comply with applicable legal requirements.
 Recognise the responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of products and services.
 Continually improve environmental performance through minimising the use of raw materials and energy wherever possible and thereby minimising impact upon the environment

Kayed Badri – Managing Director